Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cleaning house

Who'd have thought it possible there would be a clean sweep in the House and Senate? I am stunned and delighted and full of hope.

My housekeeper's coming today and it occurs to me that this afternoon my house will be gleaming and gorgeous and spotless top to bottom. Everything will be polished and plumped and fluffed, ready for another week. In a couple of days, some of the plump and fluff will be gone. Some of the polish dimmed a bit by fingerprints, dust. By the time she reappears in a week, it will be looking a little rough, a little messy, with clutter here and there and the occasional horror courtesy of some box-lot auction I couldn't resist.

We've swept congress and now it is up to us, the American people, to keep it polished and plumped and fluffed. Whether or not you've ever been involved in politics, please consider taking some kind of action now, even if it's just to get your name on the list of your local party headquarters.

An excellent bipartisan website for paying attention to our employees in congress is The Sunlight Foundation. Check it out and you may be as enchanted as I am with this grassroots effort to participate in effective action to make Congress transparent and accountable.

And I just have to say it one more time: Hallelujah!!



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