Sunday, September 24, 2006

Clear it out!

I love this post from the blog Angry Fat Girlz: "Celebrate Discardia!" What's Discardia? And why does it deserve its own holiday?

Beyond the fact that finding things to celebrate is a fine way to live life, "Discardia is a floating holiday to celebrate letting go and it takes place in the time between the Solstices & Equinoxes and their following new moons. . . . Letting go of physical stuff is one big part of Discardia, the visual aspect that is very therapeutic. We AFG's can take a cue from it and take advantage of this holiday to clean out a closet or our dressers as we turn over our clothes for the new season. I weed out the the things that are too big and can be donated or that fit or are too small but I don't really like and wouldn't wear even if I could get into them. I go through the shoes, too, and look at what I've worn and what boxes are starting to get dusty from disuse. Pull them out and get rid of them!"

This divine idea, which reminds me of one-half of the reason I started this writing exercise (simplicity), comes from this blog: Discardia . . . let it go.

As an antiques dealer with thousands of feet of warehouse space stacked to the rafters and a home which reflects years of loving antiques and decorating and collecting, it's daunting to consider how to "let go," but the urge is upon me. I want to clear out, make way, get free of the stuff that ties me down. It's not fun any longer and I want out from under it. This is great motivation to let go.

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Blogger Thora said...

Thousands of square feet of antiques?? I must sit down, I do believe I'm dizzy.

If you ever decide to clean house/warehouse, give a fat sista first crack at it?

I went through Discardia last summer and this summer when I thought I would be moving. I wound up not moving, but now I have so much less stuff. Having stuff around that you don't enjoy and just keep pushing from pile to pile is a huge time and energy suck.

And besides, it's much easier to justify buying new stuff when you've made room for it :>

September 24, 2006 3:37 PM  

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