Friday, December 29, 2006

Sissy girl goes to Boot Camp

I have been fighting going back to the gym for weeks now. The hard core six-day-a-week workin' out "lift heavy or go home" fierce bitch I was a few months ago has vanished. She's been replaced by this soft candy ass weak thing I don't even recognize.

Nevertheless, I am fierce and I can get it back and I will. I am committing myself to my own form of Boot Camp and I'll share it here for some additional accountability. I'm splitting up my weight workouts, something I don't normally do, so I'll be forced to go back to the gym six days a week. It's a simple plan and I can do it. I hate feeling weak, I hate backsliding on progress I've made, I miss feeling kickass and powerful and ready to take on the world.

Run 30 minutes on the crosstrainer
Alternate upper body with lower body
Crunches (ugh) every day

I'm done for today, this day, Friday, my new birthday. I am inspired by members of the FatFighters blogs and also by my hero David at Someone in a Tree. David works out constantly and sometimes naked(!) and he eats sanely and with discipline. Hero of the day.

My other hero of the day is DJ SteveBoy who puts together hour+ dance and workout mixes every week and offers them as podcast downloads free from his website. The June 2 offering, Come Into My House, is still one of my favorites and I listened to it tonight a the gym. He likens dance music in a disco to being in church and in the midst of his beats with my eyes closed, thinking of my younger days and the feeling of being on a packed dance floor at three a.m., well I kind of agree. DJ SteveBoy is a good boy for keeping the music coming.

So there it is: public commitment, accountability. Boot Camp for me and back to two shakes a day for meal supplements, writing down every fucking morsel that goes in my mouth at MyFoodDiary and trying to get my workouts in early in the morning. We'll see how it goes. Holler at me if I don't report for a day ~ it means I'm slacking. The Belle is excited to get back to work on this BigAss. Booyah!



Blogger evilganome said...

Girlfriend you're my new hero! No falling off the horse and boo-hooing for you, you climb back on that sucker. I will be thinking about you when I am trying not to clock myself doing pullovers on the balance ball. BTW, thanks for the comments on my blog. If you want to read a funny piece on my nutty family, check out the entry, "You bug me baby". Have a happy new year, and keep on giving the world and ass kicking. It needs it.

December 30, 2006 5:24 AM  
Anonymous Lynn said...

Hey! Just here catching up on all your boot camping. Awesome! I do think the music helps so much--if I have a good mix in it will sometimes inspire me to stay on the evil machine so much longer. Sounds like you are doing so well--so glad to read you are kicking 2007's ass.


January 07, 2007 7:39 PM  
Blogger sexy said...









March 16, 2009 2:22 AM  

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