Monday, February 19, 2007

this is support for the troops?

A shameful story here about conditions at Walter Reed, and another here about the disgusting treatment of our war wounded. This is especially revolting in light of the record profits reported by war profiteers Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, Bechtel et al, and the billions of dollars wasted through inefficiency, price inflation, and outright thievery.

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Blogger Red7Eric said...

It's no wonder that so many Americans are ignorant; knowing the truth just makes you sick sometimes.

February 19, 2007 12:05 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

Thase articles both shocked me and didn't surprise me in the least--is that possible?

February 19, 2007 1:19 PM  
Anonymous Big Fella said...

Speaking as a veteran (but thank goodness never needing medical attention based upon my service) it has always been a well known fact among veterans since the era of Vietnam that the care of our veterans provided by our government is severly lacking. That for the past few years we have relied upon a VOLUNTARY military makes the lack of good care and treatment of our veterans particularly egregious.

We were quick to go to war in Iraq, and the government handed out a hell of a lot of lucrative contracts, but the men and women (both in uniform, and those "grunts" working for the contractors) have been all but ignored, for the sake of sustaining a futile conflict in a place where we do not belong.

It is time to bring back the draft. All Americans should have the duty and opportunity to serve their country. It was recently reported that the military have again reduced their standards, and are granting more waivers to people who have a less than stellar background, just to attract manpower. What will that portend, more Abu Gharaibs, more massacres of innocent civilians by some misfits who have slipped through the screening process?

Again, I say, it is time to reinstate the mandatory draft for all men and women. Let everyone have a chance to be drafted, or to enlist, or to get a legitemate deferment and contribute to society in some other way. It is time to stop putting all of the burden on those good Americans who have volunteered, either in the regular services, or more poignantly, those in the reserves, who have had their lives put on the line, their family lives and carrers put on hold, simply because our leadership is too proud and stupid to reverse course.

Anyone interested can help service members and their families here:

and here:

February 19, 2007 3:52 PM  
Blogger Ms. Place said...

I was - am appalled to know about the conditions at Walter Reed Hospital. How this can happen in our country is shameful. George talks a big talk, but he doesn't care about the troops. Not really.

Thankfully, his administration will go down in the shameful hall of fame. But at what price to our country and soldiers, and the innocent Iraqui citizens who are trapped in a full blown civil war?

February 21, 2007 8:46 AM  

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