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Blogger Causal said...

Help Final Push to Impeachment

It's time! is traveling to Washington DC at the end of this month to deliver thousands of Do-It-Yourself Impeachment Memorials to
key representatives in the House!

Support for impeachment is building. As of this writing, 14 reps are supporting Dennis Kucinich's resolution to impeach Dick Cheney (H. Res. 333).

Even if you've sent them to your congressperson before, Click here to send us your DIY Memorials before we go.

You may not realize that the only thing standing between where we are today and a nationally televised impeachment investigation is the House Judiciary passing this resolution, which is currently awaiting consideration in their
committee. Luckily, the head of this committee, John Conyers, has said recently that he supports of the national impeachment movement.

All we need to push it over the edge is public support, and that's where we come in.

Video of our trip will be posted on our website shortly upon our return. We'll let you know when it's up!

Click here to be a part of this!

Here's a funny video about this unique strategy

July 06, 2007 2:58 PM  
Anonymous GRRSteve said...

Thank you, Lynette.

Cheney is the real evil behind the last seven years of mayhem. He is conscienceless, amoral, and the most dangerous threat to our national security. At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy lunatic, I'm not convinced that he may have purposely urged inaction on the intelligence briefs warning of the planning that ultimately resulted in 9/11. Why? Because it served his agenda: To gain unchallenged power and wealth.

If the Democrats had a spine, his impeachment would be a logical first place to start the rehabilitation process of our government. But after all the writing and urgent requests I and others have made of our representatives in the past several months, I'm less certain that any action of this kind will be taken.

So, my next step is ramping up my daily prayers for divine intervention:

Please, God. However you can, be it heart failure, catastrophic aneurysm, massive stroke, or sudden self-immolation, for the good of the whole wide world and all of creation, take him NOW.

July 06, 2007 9:56 PM  
Anonymous Brion. said...

Wow! I can only watch with fascinated horror as things seem to get increasingly farcical!!
From this far way it's like some long running comedy!!

If there are other civilisations some where in the galaxies they are probably watching with increasing fascination and muttering ...."what the fuck?!"

July 07, 2007 3:27 AM  
Blogger Red7Eric said...

I'm going to right now ... thanks for that.

July 07, 2007 8:46 AM  
Anonymous tater said...

March on Washington in Sept. according to Red 7, you game? I plan on going, would love to get a group of us to March together!

July 07, 2007 11:11 AM  
Anonymous tater said...

Sept. 15 everyone! The March on Washington is on! Let's meet up and voice our united displeasure!

July 07, 2007 5:03 PM  
Blogger nettiemac said...

Couldn't agree more..... Thanks!

July 07, 2007 7:39 PM  
Blogger kiltmaker said...

Impeachment is not a strong enough punishment in exchange for this man's crimes against our country, the world and humanity in general.

At the very least, he should be drawn and quartered. I make no apologies for this opinion.

July 07, 2007 8:59 PM  
Blogger lj said...

thanks for information.

July 09, 2007 11:58 AM  

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