Sunday, August 19, 2007

do you wanna

funk? Lord, I miss the bars sometimes.

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Blogger more cowbell said...

Lord girl, you took us to Funky Town with that one.

August 20, 2007 1:47 AM  
Anonymous grrsteve said...

Ah... yes.

But it's not still like that most places, anymore. Check this:

I've become morbidly fascinated with the viral growth of the guido phenom. It started about a year ago when I saw a tendency towards over-preening on some twenty-something guys, and noticed it hitting full trend status here earlier this year. My worst fears were confirmed when I discovered the deconstructions posted on

There is no hope. None.

August 20, 2007 10:09 AM  
Anonymous lynette said...

steve, i read something over at joe's a while back implying there was no bar scene like that of the '70s, early '80s, before the plague. i guess computer hookups have taken the place of the bars. makes me sad. fucking is great but dancing in the bars all night ~ just as great. glad i had it when i did. sigh.

August 21, 2007 8:33 PM  
Anonymous lynette said...

oh shit steve. i just checked those links. booooo :(

August 21, 2007 8:42 PM  

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